Swiss DolorClast® CLASSIC - for USA

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The EMS Swiss DolorClast® is an Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy (ESWT) device intended for use in treating chronic proximal plantar fasciitis.

EMS Swiss DolorClast® is an innovative step forward in ESWT technology. Precisely controlled pneumatic energy is converted into shockwave energy, and released via a handpiece applicator.

Therapeutic extracorporeal shockwaves (high intensity sound waves) transmit from the point of contact at the skin surface to the affected area. Shockwave energy is propagated through a radial expansion, to the affected soft tissue. EMS Swiss DolorClast® patented technology is a decidedly appropriate solution for the treatment of near skin surface indications.

Clinical studies including FDA trial data validates the high efficacy of ESWT and EMS Swiss DolorClast®.

EMS Swiss DolorClast® offers patients a gentle and non-invasive treatment without the need for ultrasound guidance, anesthesia, medication or surgical procedures to achieve effective results. Treatment session takes minutes to complete, the patient feels virtually no pain and is able to walk upon treatment completion.

Practicioner benefits from

> Practical and affordable ESWT ownership
> Nominal operating costs
> "In office" procedure
> Attracting large numbers of new patients
> Offering new choices to existing patients
> Patient brochures with display rack
> Customer service and support
> Online continuing education


> Power supply 110 volt, standard outlet
> Shockwave frequency 1-15 shocks per second
> Lightweight, ergonomic handpiece design (28.2 ounces)
> Control unit dimensions (w/d/h) 19.4 x 16.7 x 38.5 inches
> Cart footprint 15.3 x 13.7 inches
> Total height 3 ft.
> Total weight 143.3 lbs.
> Easily transportable
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